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  • Shelby CountyShelby County

    View a short clip of Shelby County, Indiana.

  • Johnson CountyJohnson County

    View a short clip of Johnson County, Indiana.

  • BREAKING: Clean-Tech EnergyBREAKING: Clean-Tech Energy

    CICP creates Energy Systems Network, an initiative bringing together the state's biggest public/private players to drive Indiana clean energy.

  • The Origins of BioCrossroadsThe Origins of BioCrossroads

    David Johnson, president and CEO of BioCrossroads, offers insight into the mission and vision for this statewide Life Sciences initiative.

  • Welcome home ... to Shelbyville.Welcome home ... to Shelbyville.

    Students and community leaders introduce Shelbyville, Ind., to the employees of a new Honda facility near Shelby County.

  • Growing Technology Businesses in IndianaGrowing Technology Businesses in Indiana

    Compendium Blogware's Chris Baggott extols the virtures of business blogging and growing businesses in the Indianapolis Region.

  • Building a LegacyBuilding a Legacy

    BioCrossroads works to enhance the environment for life sciences growth. More than 40,000 new life sciences careers are expected in Indiana by 2012.

  • Emerging Media in IndianaEmerging Media in Indiana

    Ball State University's Center for Media Design is shaping the next wave of employees to understand and harness the power of new media.

  • TechPoint Connects the Tech CommunityTechPoint Connects the Tech Community

    Indiana's technology business community is networked and cooperative. New deals are common at crowded monthly TechPoint events.