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The Indianapolis region has something for everyone.

Whether you love sports, the arts, music, hookah bars, indoor rock climbing, international food, or microbreweries, Indianapolis has you covered. This region’s entrepreneurial spirit in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cars dates back to Colonel Eli Lilly, Madam C.J. Walker, and Harry Stutz - all pioneers in their industries.

Today, that spirit continues in technology, food, sports, maker space, and beer. Kimbal Musk selected Indianapolis as the location for two of his restaurants. Both projects involve the redevelopment of old buildings and incorporate farm to table philosophies.

We have long invested in quality of place initiatives. From our trendsetting Main Street program that began over 35 years ago to the more recent, nationally recognized Regional Cities Initiative, Indiana has always seen the importance of creating a sense of place and community.

The Regional Cities Initiative is a great example of our storied history with public-private partnerships – $126 million of state funds in three regions of Indiana that leveraged over $2.1 billion of private, philanthropic, and local government funds to support quality of place investments.

These investments are designed to attract and retain talent, improve amenities for area residents and strengthen the fabric of communities in our region. Other states around the country are now following the model of this program, but if you want to work with the city that has perfected the art of public and private partnerships, then the Indy region is the place to be. 

Location, location, location!

Being the “Crossroads of America” has its benefits.

As much as Indy brings the world to you, it also provides a prime location for travel—both business and leisure. The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) averages 145 daily departures to 50 nonstop destinations.  IND offers direct flights to Seattle, San Francisco, and Paris to name a few. The East Coast and the Caribbean are also no-hassle trips. But maybe most importantly, given Indy’s Midwest location, an out-of-town business meeting most often means a quick day-trip that has you home for dinner, making work and life a little easier to balance. 

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We work together and get things done

Talent attraction is a top priority for the Indy region.

As the global economy continues to change, the business community's need for a skilled and diverse workforce also grows. We are as committed to growing the talent pipeline as the businesses, and we believe that working together is the best path forward. In this video you can hear about the talent recruitment opportunities in Indianapolis from M.T. Ray, the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources for Cheetah Digital

We invite you to come and check out Indianapolis any time.

Engagement in our civic tapestry is not only an opportunity, but an expectation. And, working together for a better tomorrow seems to be encoded in our DNA. The Indianapolis region values excellence from "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" to the world’s most competitive violin competition to the world’s leading award for animal conservation. All this might sound too good to be true, but seeing is believing! Once someone spends time here, they just fall in love with Indy. Watch this video to find out why some of our business leaders love Indy!  

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