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Indianapolis invests greatly in the talent pipeline.

In 2016, Indianapolis approved the third largest bond issuance in the community’s history to build an innovation district downtown tied to talent attraction and technology development. This is just one of the ways that Indianapolis invests in the talent pipeline.

The State followed suit by approving one of its largest appropriations ever to fund the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute to entice the world’s top scientists to conduct groundbreaking research in metabolic diseases.

These investments are just two examples of Indianapolis’ commitment to attracting top talent.

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Learn about the largest regional employers in the Indy region.

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Indianapolis Region Education

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Zylo is the world's largest software as a service (SaaS) management platform. It's co-founders moved back to the Indy region to create their corporate headquarters. Learn why now. 

In addition to attracting top national and global talent, the Indianapolis region is committed to developing its talent pipeline from the youngest learners to upskilling the incumbent workforce.

Just about everything is different at Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS). PPHS is a FREE charter school in Indianaplis where the class format, in-class experiences, teaching style, leadership, and goals for our graduates are all unique.

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