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Roche scientist running tests in the lab.

Stories and fact sheets about life sciences in the Indy region.

Life sciences in the Indy region provide residents with enormous economic opportunity. On average, workers within life sciences employers earned more than two times the regional average. Major employers include Eli Lilly & Co.AnthemRoche Diagnostics, and Corteva Agriscience.

The region's life sciences companies often site Indianapolis' built in innovation ecosystem, and focus on emerging technologies across multiple industry sectors as a clear pro for they continue to choose and grow in the region. 

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Employment 2016
Employment Change 2010-2016
Industry Concentration 2016
Average Wages 2016
Venture Capital Investments
2015-2017 (millions)
Number of VC-Funded Deals
Patents 2010-2015
Patents per 1,000 Population
Establishments 2016
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Data is for the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson MSA unless otherwise noted

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Indianapolis and Lafayette are two of only eight cities in the United States with specialized concentration in four of the five life sciences subsectors.

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Indiana universities have shown that when the higher education and private sectors partner together it is easy to change curriculums to ensure students are gaining the skills needed for employment.

Indianapolis provides access to state and local leadership and innovation assets. This creates an unmatched testbed for innovation.

Across the entire Indianapolis region, from the public sector to the business community to the academic institutions to the philanthropic organizations, you can see that collaboration yields success.