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Artist painting during an open mic event.

The Indy region has a thriving arts and culture scene. 

Accessibility, in every sense of the word, is abundant in the Indianapolis region and the Indy arts and culture scene is no exception. 

Indianapolis is a Midwestern cultural hub and a confluence of American culture. An article in The Washington Post noted, "The arts in Indianapolis are multifaceted and cannot be defined by the work of a single organization. There are more than 125 arts organizations and hundreds of artists, designers, and technicians contributing to that effort. While Central Indiana is home to a world-class line-up of cultural opportunities, it also has a hyper-local focus on neighborhoods where the arts play an integral role in developing identity and community."

Indy is international. We have welcomed international residents and visitors for decades. Our sports culture - particularly the Indianapolis 500 - has shaped the global perception of the Indy region. We work alongside our largest companies, Lilly, Cummins, Rolls-Royce, and Roche Diagnostics, and nearby state universities including Purdue University, Indiana University, IUPUI, Ball State University, and Indiana State University to consistently enhance our global presence.

We have the International Center of Indiana and Exodus Refugee available to assist with diverse groups relocating to the Indy region. We also partner with other organizations, including local law enforcement, to provide additional assistance to help individuals and groups familiarize themselves with U.S. cultures and laws. These programs helped us transition the largest Burmese population in the United States into our community quickly. Companies like Lilly and Roche attract talent globally, and we are prepared through these programs to integrate an international workforce and their families into our community, seamlessly.  

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Food, drink, and cultural festivals happen most every weekend throughout the Indianapolis region in our vibrant green spaces and historic corridors.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis distributes city funding to arts organizations through a fair and equitable grant program that allows small, start-up organizations funding opportunities, while also offering substantial support for large legacy organizations.

One of the things that Indianapolis couple Jeff Sandoe and Brent Hendrix love about living in the Indy region is the culture of advocacy.