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Let's talk about diversity in Indianapolis. 

“Indy Welcomes All” is more than a motto welcoming everyone to Central Indiana. It’s an attitude, a way of living and learning around diversity and inclusion that is at the core of our DNA. 

It’s reflective of how we operate as a government with leaders across the aisles working together to make Indiana a strong, diverse, and inclusive community. It’s our city officials who work across county borders to share best practices and vie for common growth industries. It’s our educational institutions that work with our leading businesses to develop new innovations and commercialize solutions for the world.

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Just about everything is different at Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS). PPHS is a FREE charter school in Indianaplis where the class format, in-class experiences, teaching style, leadership, and goals for our graduates are all unique.

Food, drink, and cultural festivals happen most every weekend throughout the Indianapolis region in our vibrant green spaces and historic corridors.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis distributes city funding to arts organizations through a fair and equitable grant program that allows small, start-up organizations funding opportunities, while also offering substantial support for large legacy organizations.