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Students at Roche Intern Interview Day

In Indiana, the higher education and private sectors partner to better prepare talent for employment.

When your company decides to move to the Indy region, we can talk to you about tailoring classes at our colleges and universities to better educate your future employees, because we already have successful examples where the higher education and private sectors partner to enhance the local talent pipeline. 

Additionally, we have organizations like Ascend Indiana who can help your company work through this type of partnerhship. They did this recently with Roche and the University of Indianapolis to create the Roche Academy

Indiana University created the first of its kind School of Informatics in 2000. The university built a new building in downtown Indianapolis on its joint campus with Purdue University to support the growing technology community.


Student working on illustration program at IUPUI summer camp at the School of Informatics.

Purdue University created the Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS) in Indianapolis. The school is an applied program based on a fully integrated model of high school education, focused on STEM disciplines. As a result of the success at this Indianapolis campus, additional PPHS locations are now open around the Indy region. 

Butler University created the Butler Business Consulting Group to work with companies on innovative strategies and services that support growth and operational improvements. The Butler Business Consulting Group allows undergraduate students to immerse themselves in business and learn through hands-on experience. Their diverse client base includes:

  • Delivra
  • Eskenazi Health Foundation
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Sports Graphics
  • VMS BioMarketing

Another great partnership is with Indiana University, who acquired the then fastest university- owned supercomputer in the United States in 2013
to conduct research activities in life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, fine arts, and the humanities. This research continues to help several of the Indianapolis regions' target industries. 

Are you interested in partnering with Indiana's higher education sector to improve your talent pipeline?