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Transit Center Downtown Indiana

Indy is reimagining public transportation through an on-demand mobility model.

Indianapolis is working with speed and purpose to develop public transportation solutions that hit at the “what I want, when I want, where I want” mentality that is pervasive today... and will continue to grow in the future. In November 2016, we passed the Regional Transit Tax. This is another example of how we consistently invest in ourself, and this intentional legislation will help to expand public transportation in the Indianapolis region.

As a result of the Transit Tax, the Phase 1 route of our rapid transit system is set to open for operation in 2019. According to IndyGo, "The Red Line will run from Broad Ripple through downtown Indy to the University of Indianapolis, connecting several neighborhoods, major employers and cultural institutions with frequent, comfortable rapid transit service. The route will come within a quarter mile of more than 50,000 residents and nearly 150,000 jobs – a quarter of all jobs in Marion County. Throughout most of the day, buses will arrive every ten minutes, and the Red Line will operate for 20 hours each day, 7 days a week."

Graphic showing on-demand mobility options

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