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The Indianapolis Region's Story

Indy is a place where you can live the life you want because of our diverse employment and living opportunities.

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Every person and family is different, and we think that's great! And just like every person and family is different, Indianapolis has many different characteristics for which to be proud.

Indy has many different key industry clusters to attract diverse businesses and talent pools - industries like Agbiosciences, Motorsports, and Technology to name a few. 

Our housing opportunities are extremely varied. Whether you're looking for the charm and energy of urban neighborhoods, the ease and family-centered nature of suburban life, the expanse of rural environments, or anything in between, Indianapolis has what you're looking for. 

If you or your business are looking for a new home, we invite you to come and check out what Indianapolis has to offer. Once you're here, we know you will fall in love with everything that makes our region great. 

Are you looking to expand your business or get a new business up and running? Let's talk and see if the Indy region is your perfect fit. 

Indy's Central Location

Our region’s location is ideal for quick day trips throughout the United States and easy global travel.

Flight Time - :50
Drive Time - 3:00
Flight Time - 1:05
Drive Time - 4:27
Flight Time - 1:30
Drive Time - 8:25
Washington D.C.
Flight Time - 1:35
Drive Time - 9:30
Flight Time - 1:35
New York
Flight Time - 2:00
Drive Time - 11:23

Being at one of the western most points in the eastern time zone offers a strategic advantage for your company. The ability to conduct business in Asia, Europe, and North America on the same day is compelling. This is why our state has attracted so many businesses throughout Asia and Europe to open operations in Indiana. By opening, moving, or expanding your business in Indianapolis, you will have the same experience.

In Their Words

Learn why the co-founders of Zylo each left Indianapolis only to come back when it was time for them to build their own technology start-up. Since launching, Zylo has become the largest SaaS management platform.

Talent Attraction

Talent attraction is on the mind of every business owner and is a top priority for the Indianapolis region. Find out how our innovative nature and proximity to great universities is important for growing the talent pipeline.