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Stories and fact sheets about agbioscience in the Indy region.

According to TEConomy Partners, agribusiness is a significant economic driver of Indiana’s economy, employing just over 75,000 individuals, not including primary production workers (farming). As a result, the agbioscience sector in the Indy region represents more than 3 percent of Indiana’s total private sector employment. Indianapolis is a major player in this space with leaders such as ElancoBeck’s Hybrids,and AgReliant Genetics.

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Employment 2016*
Employment Change 2010-2016*
Industry Concentration 2016*
Average Wages 2016*
Venture Capital Investments
2015-2017 (millions)
Number of VC-Funded Deals
Patents 2010-2015
Patents per 1,000 Population
Establishments 2016*
Establishments - % Change

Data is for the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson MSA unless otherwise noted
*2015, Indy Partnership 9-County Region
**2010-2015, Indy Partnership 9-County Region

Notable Local Employers
Notable Facts

Among core agbioscience occupations, Central Indiana has increased employment by double-digit growth rates and outpaced national job growth in every major occupational area since 2010.

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Indianapolis provides access to state and local leadership and innovation assets. This creates an unmatched testbed for innovation.

Across the entire Indianapolis region, from the public sector to the business community to the academic institutions to the philanthropic organizations, you can see that collaboration yields success.